February 15, 2011

I started another project: a complete bathroom remodel, and I’ve got lots of help.

The master bath is only 6 years old but the aforementioned asshats who built my house did it as poorly as they possibly could. I’ve had to take a shower every day with a plastic garbage bag draped over the entry of the shower, which is leaking on the ceiling of the floor below so badly that it is caving in.

I’ve got to remove all of the lousy 99 cent Home Depot tile, the vanity, the entire shower and basin, and even strip some walls and flooring down to the bare studs and joists because they’re so crooked.

Since little buddy and I are doing the whole thing alone, we can all take bets on how long this is going to take before it’s done. (His work ethic is atrocious- he takes more breaks than a government employee).
Nine months? A year? More? God I hope not.

Another before shot. Blech!


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