Endless Winter

February 1, 2011

Snapped this shot this morning of a semi blocking 4 lanes of I 95 South at the airport. Luckily I was merging onto the highway just past the scene.

I make the wifey do all the shoveling:

The guys who built my house should be hung by the balls. Bastards only insulated HALF of the back bedroom, which means I had to spend the entire weekend on a ladder shoving insulation into a ceiling. Had to spend the entire previous week crawling around the attic rolling around in fiberglass insulation. The house is much tostier now.

While I’m posting pictures I might as well throw in a few more. Heres one last remnant of Philly’s long gone textile business. On Richmond St.

Bye Bye Zip Disks. You stored a whopping 100 MB and cost 10 bucks apiece. That’s probably why it took me so long to throw you out. Most of these weren’t even opened.

This blog has never featured any Latin or Boogaloo, so here you go. From 1967. Thanks Soul Sides!

MP3: Ozzie Torrens- Mia’s Boogaloo


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  1. […] master bath is only 6 years old but the aforementioned asshats who built my house did it as poorly as they possibly could. I’ve had to take a shower every […]

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