New Respect

January 28, 2011

All my life I despised the Bee Gees. Never could stand that high-pitched falsetto and could never understand the words, which made them impossible to sing along with. Plus I always felt bad for the ugly brother (Maurice, RIP) always in the shadow of this hunk of a big brother (Barry).

As I get older I find myself liking them more and more. Then today I stumble across this gem. How the hell did I manage to hear Stayin’ Alive exactly one MILLION times, but never once heard this funky, beautiful piece?

I’m blown away. Did you know they’ve been singing together as long as the Super Bowl has been around? Since 1965; the same year yours-truly first hit the scene.

Here’s a rework of the same track. I first heard it on CosmoBaker dot com:

I bow down to thee, Brothers Gibb, and also to thy little brother Andy (RIP).

Here’s something from Andy. I agree with one youtube commenter who stated, “those white boys were funky”.


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