Stay With Me Baby

January 24, 2011

I just rented Pirate Radio over the weekend. Meh. The best part of the movie was a deleted scene found only in the DVD extras.
The movie studio turned off youtube embedding, so click the image to watch the clip on youtube.

Stay With Me is a personal favorite from the late singer Lorraine Ellison, written and composed by Philly’s own Jerry Ragovoy. I actually wrote an entire post about her almost a year ago.

Weirdly enough, Duffy‘s mediocre remake of the song made the cut and played over the film’s credits. Click below to hear that version… or don’t bother.

Here is the official trailer for Pirate Radio. It is known as The Boat That Rocked in the rest of the world.


One comment

  1. I agree. Like all of Richard Curtis’s movies, Pirate Radio had a great cast, great characters…but a poorly planned and executed plot.

    My two favorite scenes were in the extras; the one you mentioned and the one where the DJs were slipping planned swear words into their broadcasts.

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