January 7, 2011

Four useless ramblings about phones:

1. I’m one of the last people I know who still has a land line. Even my elderly in-laws went all mobile. I tell people it’s so 911 can find me easier in an emergency, but its also because I have a security system that requires it and I also have Verizon DSL (not Fios). I even have a rotary phone that the kids like to play with.

2. I was on hold yesterday and the recording said, “If you would like to listen to classical music while you wait, press 1”.
“Press 2 for piano and guitar”
“Press 3 for country”
“Press 4 for classic rock”
That’s it. No, “or just stay on the line for silence”.
I didn’t press anything because there was no option for reggae or hip hop, so the bastards chose piano & guitar for me.
True story. What the hell is this world coming to?

3. One of the many words I CANNOT stand: Telephony.

4. I very rarely use my iPhone. No one calls me and I hate talking more and more the older I get. If it wasn’t for the former owner of my new cell number, who, by the way, is very popular and apparently pretty good at scoring “nugs”, I wouldn’t get any calls or texts at all.
My iPhone is just a very, very expensive iPod.
God I’m getting old.


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