What’s on My iPod No.6 or So

January 6, 2011

Skyy is best known for their 80s boogie sounds but their 1979 self-titled debut is full of pure disco funk. Check out this burner and its cowbell, handclaps, kazoos, and flute solo- all ingredients that make a great dance track:

MP3: Skyy- Let’s turn it out (1979)

Here’s a one of the better roots riddims that came out in 2010, which isn’t saying much because it wasn’t a great year for roots music. This is a Mafia & Fluxy redo of the old Studio 1 riddim named after the Heptones‘ original:

MP3: Ilements- Free Up The Herbs (Party Time Riddim 2010)

The original:

This 18 year old Californian and his friends’ debut made a lot of top ten lists for 2010. On Sub Pop Records:

MP3: Avi Buffalo- Remember Last Time

That reminds me- I didn’t post my top 10 of the year list. The reason being is that I usually only post my favorite track throughout the year, so anything I compile at the end of the year would be redundant. However, I looked back and noticed that I never mentioned this Austin band that also made a lot of top ten lists, including mine.
I’m still kicking myself for showing up late and missing their entire show at Kung Fu Necktie last year!
From White Denim‘s 2010’s much mellower third LP Last Day of Summer:

MP3: White Demin- Some Wild Going Outward


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