Goodbye Lady T

December 30, 2010

Soul great Teena Marie died Sunday at the young age of 54. This was a shock as I’d always I always wanted to see her live but never got around to going to one of her shows. Now I’ll never be able to see her. I mentioned many times that I grew up listening to “urban radio” so I’ve been a fan since I was a teen. Her songs are still some of the most-played on my family stereo so my kids even know her stuff well. She’ll be greatly missed.

Teena was originally a Rick James protoge and he produced her first album in 1979 for Motown Records. Many obituaries credit her as the first white artist signed to Motown, but that is completely untrue. She handled the production, instrumentation and vocals on almost all of her following albums to the present.

Teena Maria wikipedia

Lenny Kravitz has some heartfelt words on Teena


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  1. Local god Cosmo Baker has a bunch of her downloads. Get ’em: http://cosmobaker.com/2010/12/do-the-knowledge-teena-marie/

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