December 21, 2010

I found this tattered flyer in an old coat I was dropping off at Goodwill. It’s a Swarthmore College graduation rave from 2000. I actually went to this because I was a fan of house DJ Kevin Yost and DeeJay Punk Roc.

You might recognize the name in the top right. I had no idea who Mark Ronson was at the time, but now he’s quite the star.

Kevin Yost still has a myspace page with some nice deep house tracks listed, but I haven’t heard his name mentioned in the press in years. Ditto DeeJay Punk Roc, who’s myspace page hasn’t been updated since 2007.

Funny how times change. Sponsor 6thelement.com no longer exists, and neither do the Twin Towers shown in the bottom right.

I’d post an MP3 of Ronson’s cute new track The Bike Song but I got sick of it right quick. Let me know what you think:


One comment

  1. it seems this was real cool party, i would like to go to back in the time just 2 see punk roc in effect

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