December 16, 2010

I love when stumble upon a long-lost original of a song I’ve known forever, the whole time thinking I was listening to the original.

Johnny Dollar is a classic reggae tune recorded many times over the years by Jamaican artists. This week I found the original from Philadelphia artist Garnett Mimms on the Soul Treats blog.

MP3: Garnett Mimms & The Enchanters- A Quiet Place (1966)

I also love when I find a song that really knocks me out, only to find out after a bit of googling that the artist or band is from Philly. Happens constantly with 60s soul. Seems like the majority of rare soul hails from the usual big cities, but Philadelphia, Detroit and Chicago make up the bulk of it. Oddly, nut much of it is from New York. Seems the Big Apple didn’t make it big till disco. Oh wait. Philly owned the market on that genre too. I guess New York music wasn’t very influential until hip hop hit the town.

Anyway, here’s some amazing Philly girl group psychedelic soul from 1970:

MP3: The Three Degrees-Collage (divshare link via The Devil’s Music) blog

This guy put out all kinds of great stuff. He’s still performing and still lives in the area. The orchestration and horns are up there with James Brown. Yes. James Brown. Also from 1970:

MP3: Eddie Holman- I Love You


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