Philly’s Own- Vikter Duplaix

December 8, 2010

Though he lives mainly in LA, house & soul vocalist, producer and DJ Vikter Duplaix never got much love from his hometown. He’s been on the forefront of the worldwide underground club scene for over 10 years and has gained more fame in Europe than in his home town.

I’m guilty of overlooking him myself– as a dj for years I spent hours and hours in record stores buying up the latest beats, but I never bought a single Duplaix recording… not even his K7 DJ Kicks mix album, one of the earlier releases from that long-running and top selling CD compilations.

That is, until last week, when I came across a mixtape compilation of his work, then on the very same day read a great interview with him at 215magazine.com which really made me like him so much more.

Time to start showing the love, Philly.

This track is smooth. Originally released on his Bold and Beautiful LP from 2006:

MP3: Vikter Duplaix ft. Ms. Saigon- Stimulation

from his For Players Only free mixtape


One comment

  1. Sounds nice! Almost impossible to find smooth house in US. Never got popular here for some reason.

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