Philly Soul- Aaries

December 1, 2010

Philly’s always been at the very front and center of the neo-soul movement but lately I haven’t been fillin’* my hometown soul.

Jill Scott? Meh. She was supposed to have a new album out last summer but I haven’t seen or heard it nor has anyone else.

Bilal? Sure, he finally released an album this year after a long wait and a lot of folks love it, but I think it’s a bit weird.

Musique Soulchild? His last album was released in 2008! Same with Kindred The Family Soul.

But all hope is not lost. The BamaLovesSoul blog luckily turned me on to Aaries, twin sisters from North Philly who’ve actually been around a while as backup singers for Musiq. Apparently they recorded an album for Atlantic years ago but it was shelved. BamaLovesSoul reports that they have new stuff coming out in the new year. I don’t have an mp3 but check out the video below for Don’t Give It Up, which I have on constant repeat. I think these girls are going to light a fire under Philly’s R & B ass!

*This is how we say “feeling” in Philly)

Here are some older gems to listen to while we wait for some fresh stuff:

MP3: Musiq-Forthenight (featuring Aaries)

This is Exile remix actually brand new. Love love everything Exile touches:

MP3: Bilal- think It Over (Exile Remix)

Kindred and their large family are still living in West Philly. I look for them every time I ride through their neighborhood, but no sightings yet. From 2005. (sorry, no mp3):


One comment

  1. hey thanks for love! we hope we can be the light to that fire you speak of.

    and p.s.- philly is definitely home but we are from DC/VA. but we’re north philly girls now tho 😉

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