The Evolution of George Clinton

October 25, 2010

The Parliaments was the name given to the group of musicians led by George Clinton in the 1960s, named after the cigarette brand. Later it became just plain Parliament then throughout the 70s the same members also used the Funkadelic name, releasing albums under both monikers sometimes even in the same year.

Even George Clinton’s solo work in the 80s was still basically Parliament/Funkadelic, and the band is now touring as The P-Funk Allstars.

If George and company didn’t invent funk music (most give credit to James Brown, where a lot of the P-Funk members cut their teeth) most would agree they at least created their own FORM of funk.

I always thought George Clinton was a native Detroiter. Turns out he and most of the other members of Parliament Funkadelic are from New Jersey but moved to the Motor City in hopes of getting signed to Motown Records. His is an interesting story that even a closet funk fan should read.

They recorded a slew of hits throughout the years, but here I’d like to share a few of my more obscure and not-so-obscure favorites.

From Funkadelic’s classic 1973 LP Cosmic Slop:

MP3: Funkadelic- You Can’t Miss What You Can’t Measure

…which is a remake of this earlier track from The Parliaments in 1965:

MP3: The Parliaments- Heart Trouble

The title track from 1978’s One Nation Under a Groove:

MP3: Funkadelic- One Nation Under a Groove

Solo from 1982:

MP3: George Clinton- Atomic Dog

If you haven’t seen ’em live, do it before George is gone for good. And it wouldn’t hurt you all to leave me a little feedback… let me know you’re readin’, or at least listening. Click the feedback button and let me know your favorite P-Funk tune!



  1. Thanks for Derek’s Daily 45 for that old Parliaments track.

  2. I just found this, so I dont know which one came first: http://www.somanyrecordssolittletime.com/?cat=8

  3. yesterday i decided to workout listening to some oldies but goodies by the ” S O S Band, Prince, Sheila E, George Clinton, Janet Jackson, Temptations, Ohio Players, David Bowie and K C and the Sunshine Band. All music i used to dance to at the WASCOM Club at at Wallace. I went into like a trance! i danced nonstop for about an hour. i envisioned myself back on the dance floor at the WASCOM. i had energy i hadn’t felt in years. gonna make this a routine to get me back in shape. much more practical than going to the gym. Wow gimmee more!

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