Freddie McGregor

September 30, 2010

MP3: Freddie McGregor- Mark of the Beast

Freddie McGregor has never gotten the props he deserves as a true Rasta and reggae singer. I think the problem is his good looks… his young boy face and his perfect locks- reminds people of Maxi Priest and dismiss him. The fact is he’s old school- he’s been recording since the 70s- he joined The Clarendonians when he was just seven years old.
He put out a bunch of stuff with Studio 1 and has racked up hits throughout the decades. He released some solid dancehall and his 1981 LP Big Ship was a big crossover seller.
He’s still going strong- not touring at the moment but has done a few shows in the US and UK this year. I saw him open for Sizzla at the Electric Factory about 7 years ago.

From 1979’s Bobby Bobylon:

MP3: Freddie McGregor- We Need More Love

From 2002:

MP3: Freddie McGregor- Uncle Sam

Freddie’s son Stephen McGregor is hitting the charts now.


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