Philly Beer Week

June 9, 2010

Did my own double IPA face-off for beer week. The guys from Colorado’s Oskar Blues had their new Gubna DIPA on tap at Time and in cans at the all-can and tap-no-bottle “Bar” next door.

Later that night I met the brewers from Ballast Point (two years in a row now) at Lucky 7 and got lucky enough to try their #1 rated Sculpin IPA on tap.

The winner? I don’t remember.

Kidding. Sculpin, but only be a hair. Good stuff. They’re bottling it year round now. It cost around $15 for a 22 oz bottle around here but only $8 in San Diego according to them. I saw Gubna for $15 a 4-pack in NJ. Ouch.



  1. $15 for a double-duce?! Are you kidding me?? I’ll spend $15 for 12 beers and feel a whole lot better about everything in about 3 hours! Who do these Ballast Point clowns think they are charging that much? It’s just beer for christ sake!

    • It’s getting to be an expensive sport.

      It’s not that expensive back on the west coast, but add shipping, middlemen/distributors and state taxes and it adds up right quick.

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