New Casati

June 1, 2010

Finally getting around to posting details of my latest project. A Casati steel road bike with riser bars and 9 speed cassette. The geometry is a little tight and I need to work out some creaks in the bottom bracket, but it’s a soft, swift ride. In the last five years I’ve grown to loath my 15 year old Mongoose aluminum hybrid but it was a good winter/utility/beater bike with fenders and a rack. This Casati was supposed to replace that one along with my old road bike, but once I got started I couldn’t resist the bling. I’ll eventually have to stick fenders and a rack on this one since I get caught in the rain a lot and I often need to carry a case of beer or two.

More pictures after the jump with some component details and final cost.

Click for high res.

The black seatpost is already gone. It takes a 27.0 size which is harder to find but was able to get a nice chrome Thompson Elite from eBay for under $45.

I got the frame and Chris King headset from a guy in Philly for $300. There was no matching fork so I picked up a generic straight chrome fork from the shop in West Philly for $60 and the Columbus decals on eBay.

At first I was really turned off by the disco paint job but its grown on me. This “made in Italy” tag is actually part of the paint! Looks like a peel off sticker to me.

Its got beautiful chrome lugs, but strangely only in the front as you can see in the following picture. I had the polished titanium Ibis stem from my Trek OCLV which I also tore apart and have to sell.

I’ve always loved cheapy Oury grips and I think the clear color looks good on the Origin8 Urban Rise bars.

I also love the polished machined aluminum Real levers which I pilfered from my old mountain bike. The shifters are just cheap Shimano 440.

Columbus Extra EL oversize tubing.

I posted a picture earlier of the wheels I got from Bell’s Bikes in South Philly. Velocity hubs, Velocity Aerohead machined electric blue rims, Sapim CX-Ray bladed spokes, and Vittoria kevlar tires (the best flat protection I’ve ever found).

My favorite saddle is Selle Italia Flite. This color clashes a bit with the frame so I need a blue one, which is hard to find.

It also has Dura Ace brakes and derailers (eBay) and Ultegra cranks (craigslist). I built all of it myself except the fork and cable install (Trophy Bikes).

Total price, including labor and even the tubes: $1509.

It should last me 20 years. Well worth it.



  1. Pretty piece of hardware. Ride on.

    • Tanks!

  2. Wow Matt that is gorgeous. I am digging the bladed spokes and that stem is hot. You didn’t provide any detail on the crankset. Is that a biopace? LOL The brakes look like they’re from the ’70s but maybe I am thinking MTB hardware… You did the derailer tuning? Of everything on a bike I found that the hardest to do.

    • The cranks are the weak link. Used Ultegra, but they’re nice enough. No I didn’t do the cables but I should’ve since the front isn’t shifting well at all. I hate deraillers too. Just got a nice blue saddle on ebay which will match nicely.

  3. […] bike has the same disco paint job as my Casati but a different make. Share:FacebookEmailDiggTwitterLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  4. Man, if thats a 61cm c to c frame, sell it to me when you grow tired of it.

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