Memorial Day Weekend New Indie Albums Playlist Thingy

May 27, 2010

From the yet-to-be-released self-titled album The Drums, from NYC:

MP3: The Drums-It Will All End In Tears (c/o QuickBeforeItMelts)

I don’t know anything about Unknown Mortal Orchestra except that they hail from Portland and they pull off a guitar solo on a DIY indie tune. Hard to do:

MP3: Unknown Mortal Orchestra-Ffunny Ffrends (c/o FluxBlog)

Fortress LP released next month, from Brooklyn, Miniature Tigers. They’ll be playing Philly Friday May 28:

MP3: Miniature Tigers-Gold Skull

We’ve written about San Diego’s Delta Spirit before. New tune on 2nd LP History From Below due this June. They play Philly July 2nd:

MP3: Delta Spirit-Bushwick Blues (c/o Hearya)

From the UK, singing about our home:

MP3: Standard Fare-Philadelphia


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