Help Abolish the BRT on Tuesday!

May 13, 2010

I usually stay on top of politics, especially in an election year, but at the moment I have NO idea who’s term is up nor who the hell is running. I think Pennsylvania is electing a new governor in November, and I’ve seen Arlen Spector on TV, so maybe he’s taking a shot at Rendell’s job?

I’m half kidding. But listen up:
If you live in Philly and you’re in the dark as much as I am please try to make it to a booth on Tuesday’s primary election even if you only pull one lever.

There’s one very important ballot question and it’s question #3, which reads in short:

“Should the Board of Revision of Taxes (BRT) be abolished?”

The short answer is a resounding YES.

The invaluable Philadelphia Inquirer ran a series of stories exactly one year ago which put the spotlight on the inept BRT and its years of backdoor deals, unfair property assesments, ineffectiveness, political cronyism, and persistent mismanagement which has left Philadelphia with one of the most unfair and chaotic property tax systems in the nation. We taxpayers can now throw their asses out, but only if we show up to the polls.

Here is the Committee of Seventy‘s recommendation on all of Philly’s ballot questions.

Read the Inquirer’s full account here.

See you at the polls! (that’s what she said)


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