eBay find of the day

May 7, 2010

Esslinger’s Beer newspaper ad from 1935 which states:

Troubled with insomnia? Try drinking a bottle of Esslinger’s Beer at bedtime.
It quiets the nerves by clearing your nerve centers of toxic poisons.
Sound, Restful sleep comes naturally.

Good Old Esslinger’s. The Tasty Way To Health

The picture shows what looks to be a sleeping boy.

Boy do I miss the good ‘ol days, whent the government was smaller and minded its own business… when companies could make wacky claims to sell swill! Sigh.

By the way, the Esslinger Brewery building still stands near 12th and Spring Garden Sts. in Philly.

MP3: Chad VanGaalen- Kill Me In My Sleep

You can buy this clipping here.



  1. I used to drink Lionshead and Esslinger interchangeably back in high school. Cases were under $10, but the bottles had very thin glass.

    • That stuff from the 80s & 90s was Esslinger only in name. I think it was brewed by the Lion Brewery. They bought the name and put any old swill in the bottle.

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