You’ve Been Doing Wrong For So Long It Just Comes Natural

April 30, 2010

That awesome title comes from 70s Philly soul act First Choice. The title good. The song not so much.

Disco Delicious turned me on to this burner:

MP3: Avec Plaisir- Oasis Dub (Jacques Bonhomme Re-edit)

If you’ve read this site more than once you know John Holt is one of my favorite Jamaicans. “Up Park Camp” is the name of a military base, so I assume he’s saying he doesn’t want to be sent to boot camp.

MP3: John Holt- Up Park Camp

Gotta stay on the soul tip. Best know for the more upbeatGrazing in the Grass, this is From the same 1969 LP Grazin’:

MP3: The Friends of Distinction- Going In Circles

I’ve been meaning to post this slice of funk forever.
“What makes you think you the one?”
“I’m the one cuz I was here first.”
Nuff said:

MP3: United 8- Getting Uptown (To Get Down)

I’m sure you haven’t heard unless you listen to Philly urban radio, but the West Oak Lane Jazz & Arts Festival is coming again in June. Every year the lineup is stellar- heavy on jazz and New Orleans brass bands and it usually features some of the biggest names in soul, all for free. I’ve never been but this year I might have to head up there.


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