Shiny New Toy

April 23, 2010

Today was the maiden voyage of my Casati. Took me a year to build. Getting used to the straight bars but so far it rides like a dream.

It was supposed to be my rain/utility/beater bike with racks and fenders, but as you can see that probably won’t happen.

A few of the parts, like the saddle and seatpost, are from the old bike and I’m still shopping for replacements. When it’s complete I’ll post detailed pictures with prices.

Thanks, Colin for the photo!



  1. “Getting used to the straight bars”

    Did your old ride only gain you access to gay bars?

    Seriously, though, nice bike!

  2. NICE one Seth FF!

  3. I always thought that Castrati would be a great name for a company that manufactured uncomfortable bike seats.

  4. Looks good! Well done. Looking forward to more pics and descriptions.

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