CA Legalization on November Ballot

March 26, 2010

Cannabis supporters in California successfully added a ballot question asking voters to legalize hemp for recreational use.

The initiative, also known as the “Tax Cannabis Act,” received enough signatures this week to qualify for the November ballot. If it is approved, California would become the first state to legalize hemp for recreational use by adults. The measure would also give local governments the authority to regulate and tax pot sales.

Even though other states have had similar initiatives struck down (Nevada has attempted the same things 4 times in the past decade) it’s only a matter of time until similar measures roll out East, because we all know what happens in California eventually spreads to the rest of the country. The poor economy and states’ dwindling revenue are making lawmakers think differently about pot: If legal, it can now be taxed, and money spent on current law enforcement and imprisonment can be better spent elsewhere. California could save $200 million a year, and that doesn’t count income from taxes.

The proposal would ban users from ingesting cannabis in public or smoking it while minors are present. It also would make it illegal to possess the drug on school grounds or drive while under the influence, but it would allow those over 21 to carry up to an ounce (!) of pot and tend gardens up to 25 square feet. Wow.

Legalizing marijuana simply makes sense, not just for California but for the entire country.

It’s a no-brainer.


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  1. It’s about friggin’ time!!!

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