Philly (beer) history for sale

March 17, 2010

The Gretz Brewery building off 5th Street just north of Girard Ave. c/o Dave’s cellphone.

I’ve been finding a lot of neat breweriana on eBay lately. I’ve been lusting after this item which is still up for auction. Bidding started and remains at $500, but it’s a marvelous piece of Philly’s pre-prohibition brewing history:

…but you have to watch out for fakes. My buddy got burned by a reproduction just like this one (below) of a turn of the century Rieger & Gretz ad. This one is still an active auction. So far no one has taken the bait:

I picked this up last week on eBay. It hasn’t arrived in the mail yet but for 15 bucks I doubt it’s real bronze:

I also just won this nice mug courtesy of the 1913 Philadelphia Beer Drivers Union:

If you’re at all interested in Philly, beer, or history, check out the master of all three- Rich Wagner will give a free talk on the history of brewing during prohibition at the Philadelphia Brewing Company
located in the old Weisbrod & Hess Brewery building on Saturday, April 10.

More here

More Gretz history here

One last thing: There’s talk of a large beer garden planned for part of the old Schmidt’s Brewery complex (below).
Philly’s beer history, not just its beer culture is a major reason I’ve endured this city for 20 years!


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  1. schmidtsofphilly.com



    yep. true that.

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