A New Phenomenon: Beer Fans

March 6, 2010

There’s been music and sports fans for centuries. Long lineups for season tickets or concerts are commonplace. Queues for popular movies are even common. In the last few years we’ve even seen fans stand in line to get the latest gadget- our former mayor even waited overnight to get one of the first iPhones.

But this is a totally new phenomenon: Lines for BEER.

Russian River Brewery just released their highly sought-after Pliny The Younger in the Philadelphia market in a limited amount only available in 1/4 kegs to a few select bars, and beer geeks came out of the woodwork to get a taste.

I Am Beer Wise attended and reported on a few of the events. Some of the bars only allowed email subscribers in the bar first, at, get this; 11:30. IN THE MORNING. And there was a LINE. Monks had people at the bar 4 deep and the keg ran out within an hour.

I couldn’t make it out to my local pub Bishop’s Collar, but a couple of my coworkers did (above) and they reported that it wasn’t too crowded so I stopped today after work hoping there would be a sip left but the Pliny was long gone. (They DID have a nice new substitute: Brooklyn Blast, and it was nice).

Mark my words: in a few short years we’re going to see beer events in stadiums, and the U.S. might even have beer riots that rival European soccer matches.


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  1. ooww 🙂

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