The Sidler

March 2, 2010

We’ve all encountered a Soup Nazi or a Newman at least once in our lives, but I have the pleasure of working with a “sidler”. Remember the character who worked with Elaine? I don’t actually work with him, he’s a student, and he’s spot on.

My office door is always open but it’s behind my computer so my back is usually turned and most normal people announce themselves in some way- they knock or just start talking as they come in. This dude floats in and stands just outside my peripheral vision and stays there for who nows how long. He’ll stand there until I eventually turn my head and see him. Then he’ll make a feeble waving gesture and whisper his question. After the 10th time I feel like strangling him but he’s just to timid and nerdy.

I guess I’m gonna have to offer him some Tic Tacs.

Thanks Mikey for remembering the name of the Seinfeld character. I knew I could count on you for your memory of all TV and movie trivia.


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