I almost forgot your birthday

February 26, 2010

BadluckCityBlog is THREE years old this month.

Some real stats:

348: Total posts

457: Comments (most of them from my Mom)

7,080: Spam comments (most of them from my Mom)

129,088: Total page views

342: Single page views in one day- just yesterday, just shy of the record of 344 on Feb. 13, 2010.

MGMT lead singer“: 3rd most popular search term that that brings traffic to this site (that sophomore album is gonna be huge…. unless it sucks).

litter“: 2nd most popular search term.

flasher“: #1 search term.

Not big by any stretch of the imagination, but not bad for a something I only work on during my lunch break.
Most ideas come to me in my sleep, and they’re always AWESOME. Unfortunately I completely forget every one of them so most ideas come to me 10 minutes before lunchtime.

Times are a changin’ and blogs are a dying breed. Twitter and FaceBook are taking over. Many of my favorite blogs have died recently, but I’m gonna keep on posting as long as Mom will keep on readin’.



  1. 3 Years is an amazing feat considering how much the average attention span is decreasing.

    Funny you mentioned the dying blogs. I was thinking about the same thing yesterday while surfin yours. Seems that you can do so much more with your Blog than can be done with FB. I was able to check out stuff from three years ago compared to FB which only lasts a day or two.


  2. Happy birthday…it’s not only your mom who is here…I really like when I see a new post from Bad Luck City in my Must Read folder on Google Reader. Here’s to more good years.

  3. I am shocked at how good of a job you’ve done with this thing. Favorite post: This is Hunting. Now if only that free stuff and those complimentary show tickets would start rolling in. Way to go buddy. You ARE good at something.

    • Tanks Mom.

  4. GREAT JOB! Now, I hear Neil Sedaka has a new album out. Maybe you could cover that?

    Matt’s Mom

  5. Blogging ain’t dying. At least good blogs shouldn’t. Keep it up.


  6. Tanks Petey. That’ previous one is yours too. You ain’t trickin nobody.

  7. Blog on Brother!
    I love it. Keep it coming. You are my main source of information and entertainment… just like always… sigh.

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