February 24, 2010

MP3: Madeline Bell- If You Didn’t Hear Me the First Time

From her 1971 self-titled LP, which has never been released on CD. Vinyl is fetching <$500. Settle for digital.

From The Warlocks‘ 2002 LP Phoenix:

MP3: The Warlocks- The Dope Feels Good (c/o souslespaveslaplage)

Its been much too long since I posted any reggae- mainly because there hasn’t been many new roots riddims coming out of the island. Finally a good one on the Prisonbreak Riddim:

MP3: Joggo- Nowadays

Pure POP:

MP3: Cosmo Jarvis- She’s Got You (c/o TheBurningEar)

I saved the best for last. More pop, new from Manchester:

MP3: Airship- Algebra (c/o TheBurningEar)

See? A little bit of everything… except electro. I’ve got some of that plus some rare funk I’m itching to share. Maybe later this week.



  1. Hey Matt!

    What an awesome site. Just finished surfin’ thru your archives today and I’m very impressed with the material. Lots o great tune, pics, and funny stories. I got a headache reading the brakelight story cause it was so damned funny!! Keep up the great work n thanks for expanding my collection of tunes. I’ve learned alot reading about all the labels n such.


  2. Thanks man. I once browsed your CD collection so this is long overdue! 🙂

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