Just Missed

February 19, 2010

Missed the train this morning. Ran down the steps, train is there ready to pull away and I ask “Is this the R3?” to the conductor standing in the train doorway. “Nope,” he says not making eye contact. As the train rolls by I see the R3 sign displayed prominently on the side.

Effin Septa.

Since I had time to kill I read the paper, took some pictures of Suburban Station, and listened to this dude Huey do Johnny Cash’s “Jackson” which he just learned this morning (awesome plucking and singing by the way- go see him here.)


Not much of a crowd or a line forming at these dinosaurs anymore. Kind of sad actually:

Payphone and drinking fountains

Its a town, and its pronounced “kin wood”.
Just kidding. It’s really “sign wind”. We also have a town called “Bryn Mawr”.
Kidding again.


See the time? I was supposed to be at work 19 minutes ago.
See the Time?

This was taken last week in an alley off South St. I think it’s the back of Via Bikes:

bicycle painting

MP3: Band of Heathens- Jackson Station



  1. This is great! I am so glad you commented on my blog so I could follow yours. The story with the conductor reminded me of a guy at the airport in NJ I ran into years ago. I was looking for the shuttle to the rental car area and asked him if I was in the right place. He said “What the F do you think this is, AAA”. All I could think of was welcome to New Jersey.


  2. Yeah, frickin East Coasters. Don’t help help anyone if you don’t have to. ESPECIALLY if you’re on the clock.

  3. Very cool pics. Kinda eerie how there’s nobody in the terminal. Would be kinda cool to check out some banjo on your way to work.

  4. It was actually pretty busy. Just no activity near the pay phones.

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