Happy bday beer can and and other brew news

January 28, 2010

You’ve probably all heard by now that the beer can turns 75 this year. Pictured above is one of my favorites from my 900+ collection that I’ve had since I was a kid and is now taking up space in my basement. My mean old mom made me get it out her attic and I have nowhere to display them. Someday I’ll buy a McMansion and fill the basement game room walls with them. Someday.

Read this funny post about the beer can and beer in general. The writer mentions a party he had in the winter when his parents were gone. The parents were oblivious until the snow melted, revealing long-hidden cans around the yard. The same exact thing happened to me in high school except that my parents weren’t quite so understanding.

Other beer stuff:

Yards Brewing Company now has more than a tasting room; they have a restaurant open daily.

The Belgian spot, Zot has apparently closed. Can’t say I’m surprised. I liked the place but no one seemed to go for some reason. I attended a nice little beerfest there last year and I was seriously one of only 4 people in attendance, and 2 of them were with me. It just proves my theory that if you want to have successful establishment there’s more to it than quality food and drink; it’s who you know, and the owners of Zot must not be part of the Philly beer clique. I’m not suggesting that there’s a scene of people who exclude those who don’t comform, but I find it amazing how often I hear, for instance, the name Hartranft and read mention of one of his bars. Sure, he’s a great guy, sure his bars are wonderful places with great food and atmosphere and they even do good things for the community- I’m not suggesting otherwise. It’s just funny how some places are gushed about endlessly while others are rarely mentioned.

I’m just sayin’.

Other beer stuff:

Yesterbeer.com has a coupla cool shirts for the nostalgic Philly beer geek (me); shirts sporting the Gretz and Esslinger labels. If you don’t know, Gretz and Esslinger were two breweries that survived prohibition, only to go out of business mid-century. Parts of their breweries still stand today.

I hope you read the great article in the Philadelphia Weekly about the nutbags in the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. If you live in the backwards state of PA like I do and you’ve visted a state liquor store that more resembles a Soviet-era public-housing office than a store, read it, then subscribe to Lew Bryson‘s blog Why the PLCB Should be Abolished.

I’ve been enjoying my Bells HopSlam. Port Brewing‘s Hop-15 comes close, but HopSlam is still the BEST beer… for now. I’m gonna check out some new stuff over at Bella Vista. They’re supposedly getting Ballast Point Sculpin and will start carrying the highly-regarded Oregon brewery Caldera, which produces their beer only in… cans.



  1. Thanks for the link up. You’re right about the PA Alcohol laws. My family lives in Indiana County and Pittsburgh. I do like buying beer to go at the bars though.

  2. More cans.


  3. that’s a shame about Zot’s – nice place. I liked the upstairs bar bathroom-backdrop. Maybe 3 is just one too many belgian bars for philly…. for now.

  4. Good point. I should’ve mentioned the fact that Philly might have a bit too many Belgian places. I’d bet me have more per capita than any other North American city.

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