The D

January 21, 2010

This is an actual email conversation between me and my buddy Marv in Detroit:

Marv: I don’t know if you’re familiar with this site or not, but I find it useful, especially when I’m picking out music to own:

thinman: Thanks man. I’m always looking for original artists of samples. This site has a way to go tho: they don’t even have Khali in their database, nor do they have Elzhi‘s Turn Cold. I’m dying to find the original.

Marv: I think its a fairly new site, so cut ’em a little slack. You can always send a request to them and ask! I’m sure they’ll dig it up for ya. Who’s Elzhi btw?

thinman: He’s from The D. From Slum Village.

Marv: I’ll have to look up some of his tunes. Where’s Slum Village? That’s not an area I’m familiar with.

I thought he was kidding. He wasn’t.

Probably because they’re more famous in Europe than their hometown. Ain’t that always the way?

MP3: Slum Village- Fall In Love (2000)

I still don’t know the sample:

MP3: Elzhi- Transitional Joint (from 2009 LP The Preface)

Dwele is one of my favorite neo-soul artists who also happens to be from Detroit. Neo soul is basically R&B that you don’t hear on the radio and only enjoyed by those over 30. Dwele collaborates with Slum Village often:

MP3: Dwele- Hold On (from 2003’s Subject LP)

And what would a post about Detroit be without a taking another look at a great old trainwreck of a viral video? Try not to listen too closely cuz you’ll be humming this one for weeks:

Completely unrelated, but I have to post before I forget:

The Ruby Suns new Album on Sub Pop in March, not from Detroit but New Zealand visiting Philly on March 25 @ KFN:

MP3: The Ruby Suns- Cranberry (Radio Edit)



  1. Thanks for throwin’ me under the bus! LOL

    I dig the Slum Village tune. I can hear the scratchin’ to mix somethin’ into that already. wakka wik wik whack
    I’d stop it at the 3 min mark before the tempo shift/bridge

    Why didn’t ya post “Turn Cold”? I wanted to hear it to see if I recognized the sample yer referencing…fo’ sho’, fo’ sho’!

    Dwele is ok. Not particularly crazy about the tune ya posted, but it ain’t too bad, musically speaking…

    “Its so cold in the D” has a slammin’ beat, but can I buy a harmony please, Alex?!?

  2. I was gonna say something like ‘if he don’t get a job soon he’ll be livin’ in slum village.’ but i have a heart.

    Name that sample- Kahli- Turn Cold:

    [audio src="http://www.swarthmore.edu/NatSci/mpowell1/doon/Kahli-TurnCold.mp3" /]

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