Yabby You and Mr. Reatard

January 20, 2010

It’s been quite a week year already. First the earthquake, then last week we lost Teddy, Jay Reatard and Yabby You.
This week its Ted Kennedy’s 50 year-old Senate seat. What and who’s next?

Yabby You was not the strongest Jamaican singer and, unlike some other blogs I read and respect, I wouldn’t say he would make it into my top 20 list of reggae artists, but he was a respected roots singer nonetheless and stuck with the roots and dub even after everyone else on the island (and the world) went dancehall/digital. He died of an aneurysm at the age of 63. His music lives on.

Also gone is someone who I’ve been kicking myself for not seeing live when I had the chance. Jay Reatard played a free show at my school a couple of years ago while I decided to sit home on the couch watching reruns of Cops.

He died at the young age of 29. I had to idea he put out over 19 albums!

I swear this is true- did anyone else see it? The print edition of the New York Times last week, in their customarily formal way, referred to Jay throughout the obituary as “Mr. Reatard”. The online version is revised with his real name, “Mr. Lindsey”.

Here are two of my favorite tracks of his, both from 2008. The first has the refrain, “She creeps me out. She crept me in again.”

MP3: Jay Reatard- See/Saw

MP3: Jay Reatard- Always Wanting More


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