Jimmy Bo Horne

January 11, 2010

He’s known mostly for his disco tunes, but this little known artist been recording since the 60s. He’s got some funky stuff that you’ve probably only heard as a sample on a newer song.

From 1967:

MP3: Jimmy Bo Horne- I Can’t Speak

He signed to disco giant T.K. Records and his biggest hits were produced by K.C. of K.C and the Sunshine Band, as if you couldn’t tell; they sound almost identical to most of K.C.’s library. This is his first hit from 1978:

MP3: Jimmy Bo Horne- Dance Across The Floor

From the following year:

MP3: Jimmy Bo Horne- You Get Me Hot

Also from ’78. You’ll recognize the sample from the Stereo MCs:

MP3: Jimmy Bo Horne- Let Me Be Your Lover

This is a jam from 1980- his last song to crack the charts. Check out the break at 2:29- So Sunshine Band, but oh so good:

MP3: Jimmy Bo Horne- Is It In

More info on Jimmy Bo Horne Flea Market Funk.

Jimmy Bo Horne on Wikipedia

BONUS: K.C. & The Sunshine Band- I Get Lifted


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