Diggin 2010

January 6, 2010

Sometime soon we’ll get to our top 10 of ’09. In the meantime we’ll leave you with some classics we dug up over the long cold break.

One of my favorites:

MP3: Ruby & the Romantics – Our Day Will Come

MP3: The Heptones- Our Day Will Come

MP3: Ruby and the Romantics- Your Baby Doesn’t Love You Anymore

I posted a video by It’s Gonna Take a Miracle from Deniece Williams in my previous post. Then I came across this version last week from the great Jamaican reggae artist Ken Boothe, who’s voice is second only to John Holt. A great majority of his catalog is covers of American hits, but he’s unique in that he always manages to make them sound as though they originated as reggae songs.

Dude’s still doin it too- The Large One and myself saw him kill at an outside show (in Manayunk of all places) around 11 years ago.

MP3: Ken Boothe- It’s Gonna Take a Miracle

MP3: Ken Boothe -Is it because I’m black? (The original is by Sil Johnson)

MP3: Ken Boothe – In The Summertime (originally by Mungo Jerry. I did not know that)

One of his best:
MP3: Ken Boothe -Old Fashioned Way

I love it when I dig up an obscure tune I’ve never heard before but it’s been so heavily sampled over the years I know the drum line instantly. This is Skull Snaps from 1973 (and no, it’s not The Meters) Get the whole LP here:

MP3: Skull Snaps- It’s a New Day

I saved the best for last. This one is a soul scorcher from Rhetta Hughes’ 1969 LP Relight My Fire:

MP3: Rhetta Hughes- You’re Doing It With Her

Rhetta is best known for her cover of The Doors Light My Fire

Here’s a better version from Erma Franklin:

And what the hell. Let’s bring this post full circle. Here’s a reggae version of Light My Fire from the Studio One days, and you know what? it sounds suspiciously like Ken Boothe! 2010 is gonna be a good year for digging!

MP3: Soul Sam- Light My Fire


One comment

  1. I failed to mention that Ken Boothe’s version predates the more popular Deniece’s by at least a decade. I think his is from around 1970, and i heard it for the first time this year!

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