Big News! New Contributor to BadLuckCityBlog

December 15, 2009

Well not really big “news”, just a really big dude. Really. This guy’s head is the size of a small dorm fridge.
We’ll keep things anonymous here on BLCB just to prevent us from making too many enemies so we’ll just call him “large guy” or something like that. It keeps things easy.

I’ve been begging him to contribute for nearly 3 years now because I just don’t have enough time to write enough myself and he always has an amusing story. I’m willing to overlook his constant blathering about all things Pixies, Clash, and (shudder), The Pogues. I still have administrative control of all his posts, so I’ll quickly delete all and or any mention of Shane MacGowan.

I’m teasing of course, but he deserves this shit since he gives yours truly more grief than my kids do. Most of it comes from my (lack of) knowledge of all things sports, my horrible memory, and my ability to get drunk on 2 beers.

The only person who gives me more crap is former contributor ddog. He’s gone on to bigger and better things- he has his own bliggety called donkeybasketball. Check it out– purely for his knack of digging up obscure, early computer/pop/electronic youtube videos.

Welcome aboard, Round boy!



  1. #1 It is “The” Clash and I will thank you for consoling me in Chaucer’s (also dearly departed) on the night that Joe Strummer died in the holiday season of 2002. Your tolerance for me only playing The Clash in the jukeboxes was greatly appreciated.

    #2 I do not hold your lack of sports knowledge against you. What I do hold against you is that you throw a ball like a 3 year old girl. Well, actually worse than your daughter did at that age.

    #3 Your horrible memory has a ton to do with the fact that you get hammered from two beers.

    #4 That picture is nearly six years old. In my defense, I was sun-spent & really drunk. I have a picture of you kissing Lenny from that night so keep it up. I am not sure if I ate any of those cheese balls but I have taken fluorescent food off of the menu.

  2. I shouldn’t have obscured your eyes- they’re the funniest thing about that picture- all cockeyed and bloodshot.

    I don’t remember being at Chaucers that night. Actually, I don’t even remember where Chaucers is…

  3. Chaucer’s is now the Pub & Kitchen. We were driving around for 30 minutes looking for a King Django gig that didn’t exist & ended up there. The venue was closed for a month and they never removed the show from the web. To console me, you had the Drexel radio station on with the Strummer tribute. You didn’t even whine. Very unlike you. It was sweet.

    Yes, my eyes. You were a mess too. We were drinking since 3pm. That party picture was after midnight. It was long after Jeffrey ate the pig’s eyeballs (my old man’s favorite picture of Jeff) and Lenny fought with his dog with the pig’s head in their mouths after offering the severed head to his son. Oh, and after Lenny puked in his crowded kitchen’s sink. I have pictures of most of that.

  4. First I have to say I love Hollywood (atleast most of it) movies and American people (have some american friends)..

    But that cheeseball package looks like crap..
    But boy that looks discusting it’s like a giant size drug (medicine) -vial, gray and all and did I say giant sized..? That’s like tasteless.. Though the content’s the oposit.. They’re delicious, at least the Swedish ones. I studied packaging design for a year back in (07/08) and boy your American packages explode with color, quite tasteless.. 8)

    Pattern noticed: It’s so strange in Sweden the food industry compete with price and quality, but in the US they compete with size..

    PS. Feel free to klick the link (my name) above and check out my blog, about Obama, religion, and public transfer and some of my graphical art pieces! Cya!

  5. But then again a chips/snacks package should be in that size, I’m talking in general.. (by the it wasnt gray, I was a bit confused when I wrote it.. didn’t look on the pic thought of pill-vials.. the color looks a bit bleak though)..

  6. […] still doin it too- The Large One and myself saw him kill at an outside show (in Manayunk of all places) around 11 years […]

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