Fanfarlo at Johnny Brendas – 10 Dec. 09

December 11, 2009

The Thickman’s 54th gig and 101st act of 2009

I had an eloquent breakdown of this show but I made myself sort of ill with it.  This is its replacement.

Fanfarlo is a British offshoot of the Arcade Fire that exist as if Win Butler had his testicles squeezed until his testosterone lowered to the unacceptable point that would make him far less angry about the state of war, politics, and religion.  He would write about those things in a very nice manner.   There would be no bashing of each other about the head with cymbals or tackling each other on stage.  This Win will craft songs with sweet, thoughtful arrangements including the trumpet, oboe, harp, and violin.  Instead of menacing glowing bibles pulsating on stage, this Win will decorate Johnny Brendas like an old timey fairground with lights strewn on the walls and the air covered in multicolored pennants.  I was upset that there was no maypole.

Fanfarlo is a very nice band full of what I would guess as very nice people.  They would be polite to you on the train.  Fanfarlo would give you their seat.  Or maybe what I am seeing is my mammoth figure scaring the bejesus out of them and them climbing over each other to escape the ogre.  I haven’t decided yet.

Sarcasm aside, the gig included some well crafted, mildly catchy tunes with lovely orchestral arrangements performed by excellent musicians that lack that oomph that should grab me by the throat and make me give them the warm feeling that they are trying to draw out.

All of that said, I would like to say something to the single men out there.  Go to see Fanfarlo and act like you love them!  There were more single attractive women at this lovefest than any show this side of Ray Lamontagne.

Our generous host of this site of inane gripings about Philadelphia, beer blathering, overrating of mediocre obscure music, and entertaining quips involving his family has bothered me for two years to contribute.  Here I am.  Thank you thinman.

Below is a iPhone video that I took last night.  Try to ignore the babbling floozies in the background.  I don’t know how I did.

On Deck:   Saturday 12 December at the North Star Bar.  The Features and The Whigs.





  1. Hey thickman. You sound sexy. Want to be my friend>?

    • You sound lonely. Do you want to go to the Rascal Flatts concert with me?

  2. Yes, Bob. I am sexy and I do want to be your friend. Rose bud, Red Bud, whatever. I am not lonely and although Rascal Flatts sounds dreamy, I’ll pass. Thank you very much though.

  3. You forget to mention the sea of red knited hats which you also had to match that night.

  4. Yes. At least 20% of the males there were wearing red knitted winter hats indoors which does not seem sensible in a hot club. My red knitted winter hat stayed snugly in my pocket.

  5. that was so funny when you pull out the red hat. We were just kidding around about the red-hats and thought they looked like elves. Then, you have one with the exact color.

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