Alec Ounsworth (ClapYourHands) & Scott McMicken of Dr. Dog on 8 Dec. 09 at Johnny Brendas

December 10, 2009

A hotty, McMicken and the author, Summer '08

Big Irish Corey sent me this email since I’m a big Dr. Dog fan. It’s about last night’s show at JBs. He needs his own blog cuz he’s a much better reviewer than me, even if his taste in music needs a bit of polishing: :).

He [McMicken] was ok. I liked it when he would push his voice. He opened with Dylan’s Death is Not the End not knowing who wrote it. He asked the crowd. I told him after. He seemed excited because he didn’t know that Nick Cave and Shane MacGowan covered it in a duet. Nice guy. A bit odd but a nice guy. Alec Ounsworth was surprisingly fantastic. He put together a great band. Way better than CYHSY. Awesome melody that started off with a real slow song from his Flashy Python album and tore into a different & better version of Under a Tidal Wave of Young Blood on the first CYHSY album. Seamless transition. Awesome. Was not expecting anything. The bass player looked like the singer from the Teeth but I am not sure. He was excellent. Both guitars were great but the lead was fantastic on lead and the pedal steel. Ounsworth still uses that crazy voice but didn’t antagonize the crowd by destroying his own melodies like I’ve seen him do before. Really enjoyed it. great surprise.
Lance & I are seeing the Features & Whigs on Sat at NSB.

This is also his video. Lemme know who wrote the song:

On a different note, local Philly site The Walrus already posted their favorite albums and tracks of 09. Jeez, I better get crackin’!

-Phil McCracken.



  1. If you gave me warning, I would have written something better. Weasel.

    I’m not Irish. Big Corey will suffice.



  2. I figured you assumed I would post it since it wasn’t chock full of expletives as per your usual rants.

    • That wasn’t a rant. They’re not all rants. How dare you!

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