Black Eyed, Please.

November 23, 2009

Boy I’m doing a lot of hatin lately but after watching this American Music Awards last night (same performers every year for the last decade) I couldn’t believe what a cartoon the Black Eyed Peas turned into. I swear, it happens to every LA band. If you can name ONE band from L.A. who didn’t get rickshawed by Hollywood, I’ll give you a prize. Red Hot Chile Peppers. X. Henry Rollins.
Don’t make me go on.

Apparently the Black Eyed Peas stunk up SNL last Saturday then continued on AMA this Sunday. Dallas Penn via Otherground Hip Hop has a funny take on it: The Day the Music Died.


One comment

  1. agreed. Their oprah “flashmob” had some of the worst music I’ve ever heard.

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