November 3, 2009

This is Philly, yo. Dude’s still around, trying to hit it big again.
One of my all time favorites.

I first heard this song from a cassette given to me by my childhood friend Andrew Pattison. He lived in Mt. Morris, MI which was more urban than where I grew up. He’s basically the dude who saved me from album-oriented arena rock, ala Styx/Journey/Boston/Supertramp which was played on the radio ad-nauseum in 1980.
I’m still looking for a similar song that was on that same cassette. Been looking for 20 years cuz I can’t remember one single lyric. I’ll know it when I hear it though.

More early hip hop ala 1980:

This is considered by many to be the first hip hop song. 1979, The Fatback Band:


One comment

  1. I remember Drew Pattison. I still feel bad for backing your mom’s station wagon into his Trans Am in your driveway in 10th grade…your parents were so very cool about it. I was humiliated.

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