Best. Show. Ever.

October 27, 2009

Dr. Dog sold out back to back nights at the Fillmore TLA this past weekend. I attended the Friday show and to tell the truth, almost bailed on it since I’d seen them so often and I haven’t been listening to them much lately. Well as soon as they came on stage they blew me away and I can’t believe I almost didn’t go. They had the packed house singing to every tune and the set was amazing- something out of a dreamscape. They played almost 2 straight hours.

Apparently Saturday night’s show topped Friday’s as the band ordered pizzas for the entire audience. I forgot my camera that night so I don’t have any pictures of my own and so far I can’t find any online. However, I did find a video of the pizza party:

Here are a few pictures from earlier in the tour but the set isn’t quite as elaborate as the Philly shows. I’ll keep an eye out for pictures of this magic night.

Dr. Dog 2009 tour

DR DOG 2009 tour


One comment

  1. it really WAS the best show ever. we were lucky enough to catch both nights and did a bit of a write up on my blog here: http://meandthebee.wordpress.com/2009/10/28/dear-dr-dog-will-you-marry-me-and-the-bee/.
    in respect to pictures/video/audio, we did a bunch of capturing both nights and im hoping to get those up and onto the net soon as well.

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