Camel Walk

October 21, 2009

The Ikettes-SoulTheHits

Ike Turner is one of the top five funky figures of all time. The Ikettes were he and Tina’s backing band and hell of a band on their own but didn’t gain fame like other girl groups of the 60s supposedly because of constant lineup changes due to Ike’s constant hiring and firing.

This one is a stomper. Plus it teaches the little ones now to count!

MP3: The Ikettes- Camel Walk

More girl groups I dig this week:


Haunting sound with odd lyrics from the EP Exquisite Corpse released this month.They lyrics simply spell out Billie’s first and last name a few times, then they sing the lyrics to “My Guy”, yet it really works:

MP3: Warpaint- Billie Holiday

Warpaint will be playing the Millcreek Tavern in West Philly this Saturday Oct. 24.

From Minneapolis, Total Babe:

MP3: Total Babe- Gary Coleman

Thao Nguyen

This is my song of the year. NEVER tire of it. Still haven’t gotten my tix for her show at the First Unitarian Church on Nov. 5 and if I don’t hurry I’ll get the door shut on me again.
MP3: Thao Nguyen with The Get Down Stay Down- Know better Learn Faster

I’ll leave you with this northern soul classic:

MP3: Maxine Brown- One In A Million



  1. Check out the Stovall Sisters. They have one of the rawest songs
    in Gospel Music. They were the back-up singers for many intertainers and one very popular song called “Spirit in the Sky”. They are a one hit wounder. They were the Ikettes for a shory time. Check them out on youtube. The song that they recorded in the 70’s was called’Hang on in there”.

  2. […] Here’s a previous post I wrote about Maxine. By the way, she’s in her 70s and still going. So is Aretha obviously. Boy, when she kicks the bucket it will be a national day of mourning. […]

  3. I’ll be sure to visit again and will spread the word to my friends.

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