I Woke up Today

October 19, 2009

I managed to get out of the house exactly one time all weekend and that was for the Sea Wolf / Port O’Brian show at the North Star Bar on Saturday:

Van Pierszalowski, the lead singer of Port O’Brian told me that the band has been living off the proceeds from this cute Australian paint commercial for two years. It features my favorite song of 2007:

Port O’Brian’s new LP Threadbare dropped just this month.

Port O'Brien at North Star Bar2

They added a couple members for this tour:

Port O'Brien at North Star Bar

MP3: Port O’Brian- Sour Milk/Salt Water

Sara Lov was the opener. She was able to save a bit of money by pressing all of her backing instrumentation onto vinyl:

Sara Luv

Sea Wolf was the headliner:

Sea Wolf at North Star Bar

These pictures are a little late in coming, but I also managed to get to the North Star for a show two weeks ago.

Scotland’s We Were Promised Jetpacks:

lead singer-we were promised jetpacks

bass player-we were promised jetpacks

England’s Brakes Brakes Brakes:


BrakesBrakesBrakes guitarist

Sorry, I didn’t stay for Twilight Sad.

I took this picture of a woman standing in front of me by mistake but I remember thinking at the time that it’s nice seeing shows in Philly because everyone is so much shorter than people in the corn-fed Midwest where I grew up. After seeing the picture I notice that this woman has no neck… something I see more and more, most likely a product of our ever-fattening society. She looks like a snowman made with only two balls.

No Neck


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