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October 15, 2009

51 Chevy hood ornament

Went camping up near Allentown for the bike swap last weekend. While out in the woods gathering firewood and squirrels for dinner I found an old dump. “Dumping” is one of my old favorite pasttimes. Old farmers’ dumps were the best place to find old beer cans when I was a kid.

So I found this awesome hood ornament. It looks like an impala, but I didn’t think Chevy made Impala’s until 1960 or so. This looks too old. I couldn’t find much online, but according to the Taillight King, it’s a ’51 Chevy. No picture of the car except for this:

Chevy Impala hood ornament

I also found a depression glass bowl, totally intact with not even a chip. I carried it a mile then proceeded to drop it on the pavement and it shattered into a hundred pieces.

Some more pictures of the trip:

cemetary near allentown

The countryside is beautiful in upstate PA, but it’s getting quite developed around Allentown.



KOA Kamping 09Katching Krayfish at the KOA Kampground.

swap 09 1
The bike swap was OK- I didn’t have too much luck. I found a bottom bracket, cranks, SPD pedals, a rain jacket, and a couple tubes but that’s it. Oh, and my rain jacket is canary blue so I look like a girl.. but it was 20 bucks so I don’t really care. Eat it.


This group rode up from Philly for the day. I think they said it took them 4 hours.

pa dutch at swap

There’s always a young group of Pennsylvania Dutch dudes buying tricked out bikes… mountain and road. It’s cool that the bike is such a huge contrast to the garb. Neato.

american classic wheelset The swap is definitely the place to buy a wheelset. This was the coolest one I saw- American Classic hubs with Velocity rims…. but it wasn’t much of a bargain so I passed.

PBR 16oz
PBR 16oz were only $ two-fitty!

My bday present:
Park Tool Stool
Park Tool Stool
Park Took Stool
Park Tool Stool



  1. Looks like a fun trip. Love the pictures of the countryside so pretty!
    I miss camping and dump diving.

  2. The hood ornament is indeed a 1951-52 Chevy. It was available as an option on the ’51-52 Fleetline Deluxe and Styleline models. Heres a few links to photos of those cars.


    I’d say its fairly rare, since it wasn’t standard.

  3. Next bike (if you add an MP3 player it will merge all the themes of your blog):

  4. it is a hood onament off a 1952 chevy styline deluxe

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