Before and After

October 13, 2009

I bought this ugly old desk when I first moved to Philly. Now it’s perfect for my daughter’s room.



Most of it is solid maple so I tried to strip and refinish it but the top isn’t original- it’s some sort of plastic laminate and the edges are raw cut with no veneer, so it didn’t look good. The only fix was to paint it.



The final painted product, with new, more “girly” knobs:


Soon I’ll post “before and after” pictures of all of my other projects- a homemade TV stand, my basement den/ home theatre, and an after-market car roof rack are just a few of them.


My Dad made this table for my sister’s wedding. There’s not a nail or screw in the entire thing:

Amy's table



  1. Matt,
    I love the desk. It is SO CUTE! Great work.
    I bet Claire loves it.
    Thanks for forwarding this to me. Kisses to Claudia and the kids.

  2. Hey Matty: Your desk rocks. Your dad’s piece is the kind of thing I would love to learn how to do; it’s magnificant. He’s a gifted wood-worker(yer pop). My dad has all of those wood saws and laythes in his sculpture studio; I would love to spend some time there building stuff. Maybe we can do that with my pop one day (or, at least I can).


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