Beer Nerd Pictures

October 8, 2009

Once in a while I take pictures only a beer nerd could appreciate. Here are some of them.

Fat Tire & Straub cans

I picked up the Fat Tire while I was in Nashville. This is arguably one of the prettiest beer cans in 30 years. Straub recently updated their can. My brother in law’s 92 year-old neighbor keeps a keg of Straub on tap in his beermeister at all times. That should be a lesson to you: Drink beer, live long.

By the way, when traveling and visiting other cities I sometimes get the “grass is greener” feeling and start hating my town and wishing I was elsewhere. This hasn’t happened the last few towns I visited.

Case in point: While in Nashville recently I stopped at the ONE beer store everyone told me had “everything”. I shit you not, they didn’t have ONE SINGLE bottle of IPA. I think I only saw one or two brands of pale ale. Fat Tire was everywhere for some reason.

Makes me appreciate Philly, even if we are, once again, the ugliest, dirtiest, and meanest city in the US. (bad news out today: It’s Always Ugly in Philadelphia)

Unlike Nashville, New York has beer everywhere:

NYC beer bottles

I like the way Yuengling reuses their advertising from the turn of the century!:


These are two of my most recent purchases. Coronado is a new-to-the-east-coast California brewer and this Islander IPA is a perfect example of a West Coast IPA. The Lagunitas Hop Stoopid is supposed to be 102 I.B.U’s but it didn’t seem like it to my tastebuds.

Coronado Islander & Lagunitas Hop Stoopid IPAs

I’m headed up to the bike swap this weekend so I’m going to swing by Shangy’s on the way. I really hope they have some GABF gold-winning Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, but I’m sure they won’t, so I’ll have to settle for the regular ol’ Big Eye IPA.



  1. Matt,
    Sorry you didn’t find any good beer in Nashville! Did you go to the wine store in East Nashville that carries imported beer? THat is where I go to get you something special when you visit. You must have just gone to Yazoo?


  2. Hey Matt,

    I hate to take issue with you on anything, but I believe Detroit has Philly beat hands down on the ugliest, meanest, dirtiest city claim to fame. Not to mention the “fattest” city – I think we even beat out Chicago for that one. People from Detroit go to Philly to “get away from it all”.

    Cool cans!


  3. […] Red Racer: Finally a good IPA out of Canada with can art that rivals Fat Tire. […]

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