Microsoft’s Steve Balmer- Tool of the Year

October 1, 2009


From Apple Insider:

Steve Ballmer: Safari a ’rounding error,’ Mac losing market share

“We’re gaining share. Apple is expensive,” Ballmer said. “And in tough economic environment, people get it. Their model is, by definition, expensive. And we’ve actually held or maybe even gained just a tiny bit of share relative to the Mac in the last 12 months. And it’s not really Snow Leopard. It’s really Windows PCs versus Mac.”

Actually, according to Apple Insider: Apple has seen its sales grow, while the rest of the PC industry has shrunk. In July, Apple was the fourth-largest computer maker in the U.S. Mac sales are expected to continue to expand in the just-concluded September quarter.

…at $29, Snow Leopard, Apple’s new operating system, comes at a much cheaper price than Windows 7. Initial sales figures showed that OS has had sales twice as high as Leopard.

Out of the 198 reader comments on the article so far, this is my favorite:

“Oh how I hope they (Microsoft) maintain this attitude. Remember when Detroit automakers dismissed Toyota, Honda and Nissan?”

Steve, keep talking smack and continue putting out products like Windows XP and the Zune, and you’ll go places you’ve never been before.

Ten Absolutely stupid Quotes by Steve Ballmer



  1. I won’t say Ballmer is a genius, far from it. However, the fact that Apple has seen its market share grow is not surprising. When you only have 5% of the market, you have no where to go but up!

    It’s tough to compare the PC / Apple situation to the automakers. It doesn’t really compare apples to apples – no pun intended. Its always boils down to the same thing. Kids don’t want the same old stodgy computer their parents had. They also don’t want the same old boring, reliable cars their parents had. They always have a “new and better” idea than their parents did, at least in their minds. What we all learn in the end is that our parents were right a majority of the time. Kids only think they know everything.
    Case in point – mp3’s sound just as good as a CD. I’d rather flush my $$ down the toilet than invest in that format!


    • I often wonder who these idiots are who queue up eagerly for the next Balmer announcement.
      Then I read a comment like yours and realise that you surround us!!!

  2. Today’s news:

    Mac sales grow 11.8% as Apple takes 9.4% of US market share:

    Apple to report record sales:

    Apple is the 4th largest US PC maker. Everytime you look, they gain another % share.


  3. The more familiar people become with PC’s the more will laugh at the joke that is the MS os. You can only survive by bullying developers and bribing hardware manufacturers for so long. I installed WindowsServer64bit edition for the first time yesterday, and during install we needed to find a file on the machine. As we primarly deploy over SSH on Solaris boxes (proper computers) we are used to just finding files (same on the OS X clients we support, but the mac gui search is awsome also!).
    Obviously the ‘stain on humanity’ that is dos does not support such advanced applications as finding files, so we tried to use the Windows search ‘feature'(I think it’s called desktop search or something)… a team of 6 of us where almost rolling around the floor in hysterical laughter. Give it a try sometime – find a file on a mac open edit it and save – see how long it takes. Then try the same thing on a Windows os – then stop comparing ‘totys’ like windows to a real os like OS X (or Solaris, or Ubuntu etc..).
    Windows apologist should learn the basics before embarrasing themselves – but personally I find it amusing!

  4. @Norm
    “When you only have 5% of the market, you have no where to go but up!”

    …I hope you are a very young guy or a paid M$ shill, because these would be the only legitimate excuses for such an idiotic comment.

  5. […] “we can beat them, but it’s not going to be easy.” That’s just one of the many idiotic things he’s said in the past. People need to think about putting stock (pun intended) into a company […]

  6. Steve Ballmer – boy genius of sweat!!!!

    Master of mediocrity. Leader of Lead! Commander of Crap! Captain of Complacency!

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