Vampire Weekend, What Hell Hath Wrought?

September 30, 2009

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend

First it was Haircut 100, The English Beat and The Police. Twenty-five years later we get Vampire Weekend. It took a year or so and now we have The Drums, Princeton and Fools Gold. I’m not complaining because they’re doin some really decent stuff… it’s just that, along with a huge amount of other recent bands, their influences are just a little too… apparent.

MP3: The Drums- Let’s Go Surfing (c/o ObscureSound)

MP3: Princeton- Calypso Gold

MP3: Fool’s Gold- Surprise Hotel (c/o AquariumDrunkard)

Sounds a bit too much like:


MP3: Haircut 100- Love Plus One (1982)

MP3: English Beat- Mirror in the Bathroom

..and speaking of Vampire Weekend, if I must:

MP3: Vampire Weekend- A Punk

MP3: Vampire Weekend – Cape Kwassa Kwassa (Ruckus Roboticus Refix) .

Give these guys a listen. Who do they sound like?

MP3: Kordan- Tokyo Tears (c/o ObscureSound)

Get Kordon‘s fantastic Fantasy Nation EP free here.

Kordan-Fantasy Nation



  1. Dude! Haircut 100….have not thought about that band in years….hope all is well ih Philly….kids are getting big!

  2. Love this band! Our blog found the album for free. check it out before it’s gone. If you like them, as always Support the artist. http://wp.me/pJ4zy-og

    -Miltonious Blog

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