Extra Classic 2

September 22, 2009


I listen to music about 8 hours a day. About half of that time I’m listening to reggae so there’s no excuse for my not sharing more of it.
Here are some classic Jamaican roots tunes for your enjoyment:


MP3: Cornell Campbell- Jah Jah Me No born Yah

Observation station

From the 1970s compilation LP Observer Station, a sort of “best of” Winston “Niney the Observer” Holness‘ productions. This bouncy 70s roots stuff is one of my favorite reggae styles.

MP3: Niney The Observer- Rasta No Pickpocket

MP3: Porti- Mr. Bigman

MP3: Johnny Clarke- Moving To Zion

triston Palmer-Entertainment
Not roots but early dancehall: (Alternate spelling: Tristan & Palma)

MP3: Triston Palmer- Entertainment


MP3: The Mighty Diamonds- Ghetto Living

I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for two years now and haven’t posted any Heptones. Absolutely Sinful.


MP3: The Heptones- Country Boy

MP3: The Heptones- Cool Rasta

It’s been almost a year since this great man’s passing (October 11):

MP3: Alton Ellis- Too Late

Bonus MP3: Alton Ellis Tribute Mix

Bonus Bonus:
This remake isn’t a classic (nor is the original even reggae) but it sounds like one courtesy of genuis producer/remixer Mark Ronson:

MP3: Miike Snow -Animal (Mark Ronson Remix)
(c/o PrettyMuchAmazing)


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