September 11, 2009

cool pic

Here’s a great disco/italo/house track from Oslo’s Pelifics. Daddy likes:

MP3: Pelifics- Forever (Hemingway Remix) (c/o DiscoDust)

Canadian band Two Hours Traffic‘s 2nd LP Territory was released this week. This title track is PPP- (pure power pop) and nothing more:

MP3: Two Hours Traffic-Territory (c/o QuickBeforeItMelts)

This amazing track is from Memory Tapes– a product of Dayve Hawk’s other two projects, Weird Tapes and Memory Cassettes:

MP3: Memory Tapes-Plain Material (c/o GorillaVSBear)

Get the whole LP Seek Magic here. You won’t be disappointed.

MP3: Memory Tapes-Bicycle

Here’s a refresh of a 1977 funky/bouncy/disco jam. Wait for the baseline three quarters of the way through:

MP3: Claudja Barry-I Wanna Dance (Tangoterje re-edit) (BIG thanks to FeelMyBicep for this!)

Claudja Barry


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