New or used bike?

September 1, 2009

swapmeet pic

Friends, family and coworkers are constantly asking me what kind of bike they should buy. My only answer is “used”. And the only place to get a used bike besides craigslist is the Trexlertown velodrome swapmeet on October 10

Oh sorry, it’s now called the Valley Preferred Cycling Center Fall bicycle flea market. Christ! Catchy name idn’t it? What is it with businesses around here? “Preferred” over what? I bet they change it again in two years.

Anyway, that’s the place to go. I’m building up my Casati frame I got there last year.

It seems odd to talk about bikes when my ass hasn’t been on one in 4 weeks now. I’m still using a cane to get around after the accident.

If you INSIST on buying a new bike, this Nashbar brand fixie is a steal:

Nashbar fixie

If you use coupon code “W257” the price is $270 plus $27 shipping. Be sure to read the comments first because buyers don’t have too many nice things to say about the components, but what do you expect for that price?

While we’re talkin’ bikes, I find it odd that I haven’t heard more about the new belt drives. Trek is even making four models, and they look damn nice:

Trek District

A builder by the name of Spot is also making them:

Spot Longboard

Heres a review in Mountain Bike Action magazine.
I haven’t seen any of these in person yet. Anyone else seen ’em?

I’ll see YOU at the swapmeet.



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