Bout time I posted some music

August 25, 2009

rittenhouse squ
These tunes have been burnin up the soundsystem lately.

From L.A.:
MP3: Frankel- Anonymity is the New Fame (c/o HearYa)

Frankel on MySpace

Also from L.A:
MP3: Turbotito-Losing Their Heads (Filip Vs. Timmy Version) (c/o BigStereo)

Turbotito on MySpace

Steve Starks and Nacey are from D.C. This is a nice, total rework of Kool & The Gang’s original summer joint:
MP3: Starks & Nacey -Summer Madness.mp3 c/o attorney st)

Kurt Vile

He didn’t blow me away (he just blowed) at last week’s concert in the park. Probably cuz he was with a full band. He’s best with just his guitar.
Oh- He used to drive a forklift at the Yards Brewery. Weird.

MP3: Kurt Vile- Slow Talkers (c/o Raven Sings the Blues)

Now for some not-so-new stuff, but still hot:

MP3: The Joytones- This Love that I’m Giving You


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