2009 PW Concerts in the Park

August 15, 2009



Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile

I missed the first week’s show, which featured Jose Pistola’s Casey Hughes’ band Welcome to my Face. It was moved to Lucky Strikes Bowling Alley due to rain.

I might also have to miss the second week due to the fact that Philly’s renowned freakfolks Espers are playing a free show the very same night and the very same TIME at Penn Treaty Park… although Kurt Vile should be just as freaky. Damn those scheduling gods!

Here’s the rest of PW schedule:

Wed. August 19:
Kurt Vile & The Violators
Mondo Topless

Wed. August 26:
Panic Years

MP3: Espers-Riding

MP3: Kurt Vile-Overnite Religion

EDIT: After further listening the Kurt Vile show is a definite. All his stuff is amazing.



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  2. Like the Espers tune a lot. Vile is too “atmospheric” for me, but I can see the appeal.

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